The battle at The Stag Lord's Keep.

Our day begins with our heroes trying to plot ways to thin or at the very least determine what kind of force they may be dealing with within the Stag Lord’s fortress. With Layanos throwing out a couple of ideas the team set about their work. With patience winning over, they first attempt to wait out a patrol or some sign of people but to no avail with nobody appearing after a couple hours of waiting. Next they attempt to burn a section of the forest to try and lure some people out, but nothing happens once again. Layanos thinks to himself that, if he had a fortress on a hill, he would also probably let all the threats come to him; either that or everyone in the fort is blind or dumb as a thumb tack. With the party’s patience wearing thin we decide to walk around to the southern edge of the great expanse of dead grass around the fortress on the hill.

Around what the group of heroes estimates to be midnight we head into the open area trying our best to sneak like a pack of rats chasing after a pile of cheese. Layanos notices a faint aura of necromancy coming from the dead ground. Alas, it is too late and a group of zombies dig themselves out of the ground surprisingly quickly and surround the party. The group tries to dispatch the undead scourge as quietly as possible but they notice shouting and laughter coming from one of the guard towers of the fortress. While everything still seems to be occurring under cover of stealth, more and more zombies pop up faster than our mighty heroes can slay them while Layanos stands to the side ashamed of his inability to help his fellow compatriots. Noticing the futility of the slaughter and deciding it would be best to move on Layanos yells for his friends to join him in vacating the area. Unfortunately, our dearest buddy Stripes is overwhelmed by a new wave of undead and ripped to bits sending Samba into a fury worthy of a halfling named after a dance.

When the rest of the party had caught up to Hayley and Layanos outside of the fort out of the range of the terrible area that had taken our tiger friend from us, Layanos noticed what looked like a hidden door and started to hatch a plan. Running towards the nearest guard he could see, he tried to suggest to the guard that perhaps the invaders would be easier to fight if he were outside and closer to them. Layanos had meant for him to open the secret door but who knows if the guard even knew about that door. Thanks to a slip up in his wording, the guard headed to the front gate which equally served the purpose. Hayley, not detecting any other immediate option, decided she would take matters into her own hands and, after consuming a potion of jump, performed a marvelous feat of acrobatics and jumped up to the edge of the wall in one graceful bound. Harahsh, Samba and Layanos, noticing that the path of the guard seemed to lead towards the front of the fortress, headed up towards the gate to meet him. While this was going on, Hayley, using all her sneaky prowess, was hanging from the outside wall and waiting for just the right moment. Eventually dropping from the wall, she stalked around the edge of the fortress wall, waiting to strike. Once around the front, the guard opened the gate and walked outside the fort. The other guards looked out just in time to see Harahsh the mighty half orc decimate the guard who had opened the gate. The battle at The Stag Lord’s keep had finally begun.

The battle went more smoothly than any of the group had anticipated starting with a combination of Harahsh’s brute strength, Layanos’s mystifying magic, and Samba’s terrible fury at the loss of his dearest friend. The first guards standing in our way drowned like a kitten without its’ sea-legs under a crashing tidal wave of power. When Hayley joined from the shadows it was like a cobra striking from the depths of hell and our enemies fell one by one. Our first trouble seemed to appear when the Stag Lord himself appeared; though he seemed to draw most of his power from the magic helm he wore. Taking shot after shot at our noble cohorts, it seemed Layanos or even the mighty Harahsh might fall. His might, the power of his lackeys and a mighty owl bear that seemed a pet of the fort was almost too much for our brave companions; luckily we had an ace up our sleeve that we didn’t know we possessed as a man who appeared half crazed stumbled out of the background, attacking our foes. He slew one of the weaker looking men and started smashing and destroying men and chairs and tables and whatever got in his way. With his help and the combined strength of all members of the party, the enemy was destroyed with Harahsh nearly turning the Stag Lord in to paste with his final blow. After the final confrontation Layanos noticed what appeared to be a man trying to sneak away. With the man bearing a resemblance to the person in a bounty they were trying to locate, Layanos put the man into a deep slumber and tied him up. When the man awakened he identified himself as Falgrem Sneed, the man in the bounty, so they decided they would bring him back to face justice. Not wanting him to make trouble or run away, Layanos blinded him with a spell just to be sure he wouldn’t try and run.

After bagging up the body of the Stag Lord, they decided to venture underneath the fort. They found a dirty tunnel filled with an even dirtier man who proceeded to attack them. According to Samba, the man was shouting at them in druidic calling them interlopers or meddling kids or something along those lines. The battle seemed more annoying than difficult owing to the fact that the druid spent most of the time on the ceiling probably trying to flaunt his dirty loincloth. After many arrows, a few hexes and even an attempt by Harahsh to climb the walls and pry the man from the ceiling, the druid was brought down and the final enemy of the fort was vanquished. After looting what they could and reviving their new friend who they found to be a bandit who wanted to repent named Akiros and recovering dear Stripes’ body, they headed back north, stopping only to return the body of the Stag Lord to the vengeful spirit at Nettle’s Crossing who permitted us to use his pathway. We then headed north to return to Oleg’s trading post victorious.

After turning over our bounty and introducing our new friend Akiros to the Captain of the guard to be taken under his wing and watched closely, they proceeded to make Oleg and themselves very rich people. About halfway through the trading, Hayley seemed to slip into a fit of happiness like none of them had ever seen. When all of their trading was done, a messenger approached them telling them that, in reward for accomplishing their quest to destroy the bandit menace in the north and exploring the area assigned to them, they had all been made Lords and Ladies in charge of all their charter land and that they would be in change of starting their own kingdom under the wing of the Queen of Brevoy. With her as our sponsor, she wished to help start our kingdom and provided us with a beginning fund of 5,000 gold coins. With all of us stunned at the thought of ruling our own kingdom and hopefully with not too many thoughts of backstabbing and taking all of the gold for ourselves, the scene fades to black.

Next time on Kingmaker! Will Hayley finally get that gold plated swimming pool filled with gold coins she’s always wanted? Will Douglas finally be made into a gentleman with his own top hat? How much of this whole kingdom building thing can we screw up? Find out next time on Kingmaker!


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